The photographs displayed in this Gallery and in the History section record different times and events. Several generations of Talpurs are represented, and there will be new additions from time to time. Some of the pictures are well over a hundred years old as in the case of Mir Ghulam Hussain Talpur and Mir Ali Murad Khan Talpur of Khairpur. Mir Ghulam Hussain was my great grandfather. The pictures of my father's maternal grandfather Mir Ahmad Khan and my maternal grand father Mir Ali Mohammad Khan are of the period of the start of the last century. These pictures have been preserved well though some show signs of age. It should be noted that these pictures were taken when the art of photography was new and a rarity in the region. The pictures of my respected father Mir Ali Ahmad Khan and respected uncle Mir Rasool Baksh Khan show the political events and times in their lives.

Both the Mir Sahibans were always in the forefront of political struggles here in Sindh and had many friends all over the country. If anyone happens to have a picture of them at some event, I would request them to scan the picture and send it to us. I would be thankful for the generosity.

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